eSports Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to register?

It's up to you. If you simply purchased an eSportsFundraising card and do NOT want to change your starting lineups or view your statistics online, then you do NOT need to register. Simply hold onto your card, and eSportsFundraising will contact you via email if you win any of the monthly or season-end prizes.

However, if you do wish to update your starting lineup(s) and ownership information, or if you want to view statistics and results, then you do need to register. By creating an account based on your username (your e-mail address) and a password, you’ll link your roster card(s) to your account, so you can view your card(s) anytime you log in.

Please note that your e-mail address must be confirmed as part of the registration process, simply to ensure that it is valid.

If you click the check box to remember me next time when you log in, a cookie will be written to the computer.

Why do I need my pass code?

Pass codes are assigned to each roster card in our system. The card number and pass code are used for security when linking the roster card with the registered individual.

The pass code is concealed under a scratch-off area of your card and is only viewable by the owner of the card after scratching off the card.

Please note that the pass code is separate from the log in password that you enter during your initial registration. The only time you will need the pass code on your card(s) is the first time you enter your card information online. After that, all cards linked to you will appear automatically when you log in.

Why is my pass code not working?

If your code is not working please make sure you are using the correct characters that are printed on your card. Frequently confused characters are the O (oh) and the zero, the I (eye) and the 1 (one) and the V (Vee) and the U (you).

If your pass code does not work please try these simple corrective measures before e-mailing us at

How do I view my cards and the results?

Log in by entering your e-mail address and password in the log in area at the bottom of our home page. After logging in to the web site you will be taken to your "My Home" page on the site.
On the "My Home" or "My Cards" page find the card on the page and click the card number, owner name or "view" link listed after it.

You will go to your card's page on the site.

To view league results on the "My Home" or "My Cards" page click the organization name/program link or the view home page link listed after it to go to the leagues home page.

At the bottom of that page you'll see results for the league.

How do I link roster cards with my account?

After logging in to the web site you will be taken to your "My Home" page on the site.

On the My Home page click the “Add a card to my account” link.
Enter the card number and pass code from the card and click the "Retrieve Card" button.
Enter the card owner information. This information is used in the event the card wins a prize, in order to contact and pay the winner.

Click the “Update and Associate with Account” button.

The card will be listed on your "My Home" and "My Cards" pages.

Why am I getting an error that my card is already registered?

After you fill out the bottom stub of the card and return it to the organization that sold it to you, it is then mailed to us. When we receive the stubs, we register your card(s) for you. You should receive a confirmation email at the address provided when your card has been registered. If you are registered with a different email address than you provided on the stub, your card will not show up on the "My Cards" page. This may also happen if there was a problem reading your email address on the stub. If you are receiving this error please contact us and provide us with the card number(s) that you are having an issue with and we would be glad to fix the problem for you.

I won! How do I collect my winnings?

After your competition is complete, an email will be sent out to the entire league listing the winners. After the winners are recorded and verified, we mail out checks to the address that we have on file for the winning cards. Checks are sent out around the middle of the month following your competition.

How do I edit roster card owner information?

After logging in to the web site you will see a link in the top right corner saying "Hello" along with your email address (Next to the "Log off"" button). Click that and you will be able to see and edit your information.

How can I redeem my promotions?

On your roster card you will see that you are eligible for a local discount shown in the top right corner under "Sponsored By". You can redeem this by showing your card at the local business. You are also eligible for a $10 instant credit on our Fundraising Magazines site, as well as discounts on GTSportsDepot.com. Click here for more information.